Wisdom Tooth Removal

The third set of molars, more commonly known as "Wisdom Teeth", tend to come in between the ages of 17-25 years old.  The removal of one or more third molars is a relatively common procedure, performed on some 5 million patients every year. After a thorough examination and diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or a CT scan, you may be told that you should have your wisdom teeth surgically removed. 

Wisdom tooth removal is usually an in-office procedure done by an oral surgeon.  Depending on what type of anesthesia you have had, you may need another person to drive.

Your recovery period after wisdom tooth removal typically lasts a few days. During this time it is important to rest and treat any swelling and pain as needed. Before you leave Sharma Oral Surgery after your wisdom tooth removal, we provide you with care instructions and a few goodies to help with the recovery. 


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  Published in Dear Doctor Magazine