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At Sharma Oral Surgery, we believe that our patients should be well-informed on all their dental and surgical options so they are able to make the choice that is best for them. This allows them to understand and believe in the treatment they choose. Here we are dedicated to providing safe and state of the art techniques to achieve proven and predictable results. 

Through experience, education and teamwork, we have been providing successful same day and staged full mouth restorations for many years. Our Refresh Smile program allows patients to receive a fixed temporary bridge on the day of implant placement. The ability to fix the prosthesis immediately is dependent on bone density/volume and torque values at the time of surgery.

Our dental partners are a part of this process from the beginning. This system allows our patients to be with a qualified oral surgeon and their dentist they trust. 

To learn more about Refresh Smile and our continuing education on implant dentistry, please reach out.